Curtains and Drapes Cleaning

Think that curtain and drape cleaning has to be a hassle? Well, it doesn’t! With our professional cleaning services, there is absolutely no need to take down your curtains or drapes or even remove the fittings. We clean your curtains and drapes in place so even drying is a breeze.

Why Use Our Professional Curtain and Drapes Cleaning Services?
Unfortunately, window coverings often get overlooked in our regular cleaning. Yet, keeping your curtains and drapes cleaned is just as important as cleaning your carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Window coverings, especially thick drapery, absorb a lot of dust from your home. Since they act as a “lung” in front of your window, they also absorb a lot of the debris from outside, like car exhaust, yard pesticides, and pollutants. Go ahead and give your curtains a bit of a shake. If you can see dust coming out of them, then it is time to have them cleaned!

When you invest in professional cleaning for your drapes and curtains, you revitalize your window coverings so they look better and last longer. You also remove harmful air pollutants from your home so you can breathe easier. This is an important step for people with respiratory problems like allergies and homes with young children.

How We Clean Curtains and Drapes
Our technicians are IICRC certified to provide professional curtain and drape cleaning services. They have been trained to recognize various types of materials, such as satins, velvets, silks, naturals, and synthetics. They also are trained in stain recognition so they know exactly how to treat stains so they can be safely removed.

When our technicians arrive at your home, they will first inspect your curtains and drapes, noting the condition and problem areas. The technicians will explain to you what to expect out of the cleaning process. The next step is to vacuum the curtains and drapes to remove dust and particulates. Then they will test a small area to ensure that no damages occur. The cleaners we use are carefully chosen and formulated for curtain and drapery material. Stains are spot treated before the entire window covering is cleaned with hot water extraction. Because the curtains and drapes are left in place while being cleaned, they dry upright so no wrinkling occurs.

Free Estimates on Curtain and Drape Cleaning Services in Glendale
Wondering how much curtain and drape cleaning will cost? We provide free estimates. Just give us a call and a friendly agent will answer all your questions and give you a price quote. If you schedule curtain/drape cleaning services with our other cleaning services, we can provide discounts. You not only save money, but get your home as clean and healthy as possible.

Contact us today to get free estimate on curtain and drape cleaning services. We look forward to hearing from you!