Tile Cleaning

Tile and stone can go a long way in adding to the beauty of your home.  But, when they get dirty, tile and stone can be unsightly and unhygienic.  Unfortunately for homeowners, cleaning tile and stone is no easy task.  Dirt and grime get absorbed into the tile and stone where it then accumulates.  The deeply-lodged grime is virtually impossible to get out with your typical DIY cleaning methods.  So, homeowners break their back scrubbing away only to scratch the surface of the problem.

Let Us Help You Get Your Tile, Stone, and Grout Clean!

At Citrus Fresh Glendale California, we have the tools and the expertise necessary to get your tile, stone and grout clean.  Our technicians use deep extraction methods to flush out accumulated grime.   The result is tile, grout, and stone which looks much more vibrant and is also free of bacteria and germs so your family’s health can be kept intact.

Cleaning tile, grout and stone requires a very careful approach.  If the wrong method is used, it can cause irreversible damage.  For example, acidic cleaning solutions can damage limestone and travertine.   Using a harsh brush for scrubbing can damage the finish of tile.  Using oil-based cleaners on tile can cause a safety hazard by making them slippery.

Before cleaning your tile, grout, and stone, the Citrus Fresh Glendale technicians will assess your individual case.  They will look at factors like what type of material is in question, what type of grime has accumulated, the presence of any stains, and the coating of the tile or stone.   With this information, we can get started with our tile cleaning services.

Our Deep Extraction Tile Cleaning Process

In most cases, our tile cleaning professionals will start by applying a pretreatment solution to the tile or stone.  The solution will break down grime in the tile and stone so it can be more easily removed.  Then the cleaning experts will use a rotating brush followed by a steam vacuum.  This combination is very effective at getting the grime out of the tile, grout, and stone.  The process gets the grime out from deep within, not just the grime visible on the surface.

After cleaning, the tile or stone will then be speed dried so our technicians can inspect it.  If any stains are remaining, they will repeat the cleaning process again.  We won’t be satisfied until your tile, grout, and stone are completely clean!

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Services Include:

  • Floor tile and wall tile cleaning – including kitchen backsplashes
  • Free estimates
  • Flexible scheduling
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Serving Glendale and the Los Angeles area

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