Wood Floors

You want your wood floors to look their best, but there is only so far that sweeping and mopping can take you. When wood floors start to look dull and scratched, it is time to call for professional wood floor cleaning services. Our IICRC certified technicians have the right equipment to bring the life back into your wood floors.

Our Wood Floor Cleaning Services
• All species of hardwood including exotics
• Deep cleaning
• Stain removal
• Scratch removal
• Buffing and shining
• Top coat removal and reapplication

Why Choose Us for Wood Floor Cleaning Services in Glendale?
You don’t want to trust just anyone with your hardwood floors. In the wrong hands, hardwood floors can easily become damaged by cleaners which are the wrong pH, or by methods which destroy the finish of the floor. We make sure that our customers’ wood floors stay safe by hiring only the best qualified technicians for the job.

Our technicians are IICRC certified for hardwood floor cleaning and are highly trained in stain identification and removal. We perform each job with strict attention to detail to make sure the floor is clean throughout and looks even. Our technicians always go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction and will even move furniture from the floor and put it back afterwards. This great customer service and our affordable rates are what have allowed our business to grow through word of mouth advertising and repeat customers.

What to Expect When We Clean Your Wood Floors
When you call us, we will provide you with a free estimate for wood floor cleaning services over the phone. Please understand that this estimate may vary a bit depending on the actual condition of your wood floor. The more information you can provide us about the floor over the phone (such as the square footage of the floor and any major stains), the more accurate the estimate will be.

Once at your home, our technicians will inspect the wood floor and make an assessment. They will then explain the results you can expect. The next step is to sweep and vacuum the floor of particulates. Any stained areas of the wood are treated before the entire floor is cleaned with a rotary machine. The rotary machine pulls dirt out from deep within the grain of your hardwood floor and restores the shine to the surface. Your worn, scratched wood floor will look radiant again. After cleaning, the floor will be coated with a gloss or matt finish.

Ready to revitalize your floor? Contact us today to get a free estimate for wood floor cleaning services in Glendale.